This course is intended to provide basic skills to instructors who want to teach a course using Moodle. You can use Moodle to teach a fully online course or to supplement a face-to-face course in a traditional setting. The course has 10 modules and a final exam which learners are required to attain 70% and above to obtain a KENET certificate.

This course is intended to provide awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, the tools and resources needed to stay safe online.The course has fourteen modules, each module requires 30 min and the entire course can be completed within 1 week. KENET certificate is available for learners who score > 70%

This Course is intended to provide adequate skills to students on how to use the KENET BigBlueButton Conferencing tool for remote Learning. The  course covers the basics on how to join a meeting, the general class layout, the use of learner interactive features, the presenter roles and finally how to leave an online meeting.

In this course, you will explore the KENET web conference functions that are relevant to teaching online classes, such as user management tools, break-out room function, public and private chat, screen-sharing and the poll function. More importantly, this course will provide practical examples of how to use these functions successfully in a live class setting, as well as provide an opportunity to design, develop and create your own lesson plan.